Dreamweaver Beta 3 is out now

Well i would like to inform you that the new Dreamweaver Beta 3 is out of date. To give the slip of the presence of the past versions, it is being tried by adobe.

At first, let’s have a discussion of the latest features, most of which have to do with the “code work-space” (that is, the text editor). Substantially, PHP 5.6 is supported by Dreamweaver now, all the way. LESS  and  SASS both can be compiled on demand, or automatically.Take your pick. Files inside of your “Site” or project folder get assemble automatically. The files which are present outside the project folder can be put together by hitting F9.

Last but not the least, they have made some small modifications and improvements of the find/replace function.

Adobe Dreamweaver

There are some features that might be liked by you. Those are stated as follows:-

1. The task of the media queries in Live Mode have become more easier. Now you can append them straight from the rulers on the top and sides.

2. “EMMET” is seemed to be a default feature.

3. They have installed snippets for Bootstrap components, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, and other popular frameworks respectively. We can apparently expect to see the list with the growth of the time.

4. It runs a lot more faster than it used to run in the previous days. It appears that as if Adobe is thrusting for better performance in all of their products, and Dreamweaver is also getting the best treatment too.

Dreamweaver is an immense application, and doesn’t have that wonderful sense of focus that you can get available from text editors like Atom, Sublime Text, or even Visual Studio Code. It is modelling a lot of development in the proper direction, though.