Angular JS is a framework whereas React JS is a open-source JavaScript library providing a view for data rendered as HTML. But many developers used to collate between Angular 2 and React which is pointless. Though it is not a crime to differentiate between the two technologies as because both the technologies are based on front-end UI Designing Basics that work under different approaches.

Objectives of React And Angular 2:-
The main intention of React is to bestow developers with a sublime view for their application as well as to offer friutful ways for the framing of reusable declarative plugins.
Angular 2 focuses to offer programmers a complete front-end framework that fortify a fine dissolution of concerns instead of sticking to a particular architecture.

Similarities of React and Angular 2:-
The act of Angular 2 and React is that both the technologies serve the developers as the front-end UI Designs which fits in all the resolutions like mobile, desktop and tablet view respectively.These technologies are crafted to function with FRP & OOP paradigms without any performance lags.

Differences of React and Angular 2 :-
The main differences between React and Angular 2 is that React is a javascript-library having additional libraries backed by the communities whereas Angular 2 is a fully developed framework that offers more services.Inversion of controls in Angular 2 is being managed by DI. Angular 2 uses TypeScript language, and React runs on ES5/ES6. Both assists different ways to define the UI. HTML templates are used by Angular 2 and React makes use of JSX. React supports static typing which helps it to gain a little performance improvement over Angular 2. React enables virtual DOM differentiating and Angular 2 makes use of tedious checking.