On Google Hangout, someone asked a question to John Mueller that, a company will host “child sites” for their clients and where the content they post on these sites are the same across all their clients and the links in the content work well.Then John said that, this would be diluted across all the sites hosting the sale link content.

Here is the conversation:

She asked, “So we are sort of hosting a child site on their behalf. It’s got all the content in it but that content is actually duplicated because we’re providing the same content to a number of clients.”

Then John replied, “Yeah I don’t see that actually providing a lot of value in terms of that link being valuable there. Because you’re kind of diluting that the value of that content across all of these multiple sites and you that like any anything that happens with those links is kind of diluted across sites. I don’t really see that that kind of link driving any value to the site itself.”

Here is the conversation Video :