Keyword density is not a technique as it sounds, but it is just an emplacement and intermittent of words or keywords that are to be used in the web articles. In search engine optimization, keyword density is the most important key factor. The reason behind this is that google will observe the keywords, so that your web page will appear at the top whenever a web surfer searches for your keyword or keyword phrase.

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is a repetition of number of keyword phrases on your web page. It is a percentage of words, phrases that is being used in the article content for the web page. So if you have a 100 word article and you are using your Keyword 10 times, then here the keyword density is 10%.

Keyword Density Formula:

Keyword Density = (Nkr / Tkn) x 100

Where: Density = your keyword density

Nkr = how many times you repeated a specific keyword
Tkn = total words in the analyzed text

So, if your content (the text you are analyzing) is 500 words and you have used your keyword 15 times, the keyword density for that keyword is…

Keyword density = (Nkr / Tkn) x 100
= (15 / 500) x 100
= 0.03 x 100 =3
Keyword density = 3% !!!

Many people thinks that if they use keyword many times, they will rank higher in the search result. But it’s not true. If you want to boost your website or pages into the Top 20 on the major search engines you have aim for a keyword density of between 1 – 3%.

Check this video, where Matt Cutts, bust the myth related to density of SEO Keyword : 


The top 5 Keyword Density Checker Tools are as follows: