Over a year before, Google launched a safe browsing alerts system in Google analytics to aware their users about website’s identification for being used as distributing malware or phishing attacks. Now Google announced that, they are expanding their set of alerts in Google Analytics by adding additional software. The software will alert site owners if their site has been hacked for spam, leaving it in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.


In last year September 2015, Google shared that, a 180 % increase in sites getting hacked for spam compared to the previous year. According to Google’s research, if the owners of the websites are contacted directly about the issue, then the likelihood of it getting fixed is over 75%.

Google recommended that, when your site is compromised, you should verify your site in search Console which has even more security features. This Security Issues feature will point-out the problems.

Then, if your site is a victim of being hacked, google has recovery support guidelines in “hacked step-by-step recovery guide” to help you resolve the issue and keep your website and users safe.

Always “prevention is better than cure.” Prevention is important to keep your site safe. A few days before, Google Webmaster Central Blog has been published a post about How to avoid being the target of hackers to protect your site you can follow these steps.