At the Local Workshop of SMX Advanced, Google said that the ads are coming to the Local Pack. Prices and the timing of ads appearance or placements are to be determined. From this news, it is clear that, one of the three local results in the local rank will be an AdWords Ad.

Joy Hawkins posted about this on Google+ :

Well….Google just announced at SMX that the 3-pack is going to start containing an ad soon. So instead of the 3-pack it’s going to be 1-ad + 2 organic listings. Yes, the ones right on Google search (not the expanded pack). Be prepared to try to get clients in the top 2 instead of the top 3!

In local SEO community, there is a lot of concern over the news. Around the Local Search Forums, there is also a discussion going on.

Here is a mock up about how the ad may show in the local pack :

Google ads coming to Local Pack

In pre-conference Workshop, Google’s Global Product Lead for Local Ads, Ali Turhan, presented a screen shot about some of the new AdWords features as they pertain to local. which Joy Hawkins posted on twitter :

Google Local Pack