So long we used to hear only about SEO or Search Engine Optimization; however now, local SEO is what has grabbed the attention of almost all search engine optimizers. People, who are a little bit confused as to what exactly is this local SEO, allow me to clear your doubts.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a more specialized type of optimization strategy undertaken by online businesses to ensure their company website appears on the first page of Google, and such other leading search engines. For example, if you have a company in New York selling electrical appliances; your sole aim will be to attract maximum New Yorkers to your site interested to buy electrical gadgets. Local SEO means use of keywords such as electrical appliance supplier in New York or may be home appliances in New York to ensure local prospects or leads in your area easily find your website online.

Also, proper use of relevant local keywords will earn your website a separate place on Google apart from displaying your website on the search engine giant’s organic or natural search results. Thus, without doubt, it can be said that local SEO helps businesses get additional visibility and drive more traffic than just organic search results.

Top 5 reasons why local businesses need to invest in local SEO!

1. To Get a Greater Exposure

As I have just mentioned in the above paragraphs, one of the primary advantages of doing local SEO is to get more exposure in the online digital world. Almost every other day, new websites are launched (a survey conducted in 2012 by Netcraft showed the total number of websites launched in 2012 was 51 million which means around 140,000 sites per day). Thus, to achieve a top ranking on Google, Yahoo or Bing, what smart businesses need to do is spend money and time on finding keywords and phrases that are most likely to be typed by local prospects to search for products or services similar to what your company offers.

2. Creates Authenticity

There are many users who prefer to view sites that are listed on local business directories (Yelp,, Google Places, etc.) since they believe such companies have more authenticity than the rest. Local listings on Google+ or Facebook pages let people get accurate address, direction, contact numbers, customer reviews, and images of products, map, and more.

3. Mobile Friendly

Various studies have revealed nearly 50% of mobile phone users browse websites using their phone. Through local SEO, companies can easily reach out to the mobile users by providing products information, product images, etc. right on their mobile devices. Nowadays, smartphone users also search with GPS enabled apps to find the exact location of a business. Try to consider apps such as Apple Maps and Google’s My Location that makes it easier for people to find things in their area.

4. Rate of Conversion is Higher

Since you are making it easier for the local potential customers or consumers to easily access your website, automatically the practice leads to higher conversion and sale of products. Geographic closeness increases the chance of a lead to click on your website and end up purchasing an item.

5. Simple but Highly Effective

Online marketers can easily start doing local search engine optimization by enlisting the website on Google+ Local, Yahoo Local, Yelp and such other popular local directories. Facebook also offers companies to engage and interact with users searching for companies in a specific geographic location.

Businesses particularly the smaller ones that want to reap higher profits through maximum sale of items should definitely go for local SEO to optimize their website for additional online presence and credibility.