If there is one thing that has won the attention of the best of web and digital marketing managers in recent times it is Responsive Web Design (RWD)! RWD has become the most important standard for different kinds of online businesses within a short span of time.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is designing your website in a manner it is easily viewable on all devices starting from desktop computer to tablets, smartphones, and iPads. However, in spite of the huge potentiality of RWD, there is the worst advice I have ever heard about Responsive Web Design and that is – responsive web designing is right for all web projects. To me, such an advice is nothing but an over statement. Responsive Web Design can never be the magic cure for all digital diseases for the site owners as well as for the visitors?

A growing number of web designers believe you need to create a website for mobile phones first and then for other devices. Every online business must remember one thing – there is no use creating a design for different platforms including mobile if you fail to impress your target audience. In other words, what I mean to say is create a user-friendly website design with focus on site navigation, placing of buttons or icons, etc. Keep in mind one fundamental point that different users have their own specific needs. Some may use a mobile phone to get the direction to a restaurant while another person may use his or her device to get the contact details of a business. Thus, all responsive web designers should develop a website layout keeping in mind the potential readers/customers and then only they need to make the site search engine-friendly. It is worthy of remembering that Google will never be your customer!